My Multi Colour Abstract Art Flagship Lantern

 Here is my River Abstract candle lantern, one of my oldest designs and one of my favourites to paint.

It's the Ornately Lantern's flagship lantern - the one on the logo!

Here it is in its original form (on one of the old wooden lanterns from Ikea)…


And in its next form - a black metal lantern (again from Ikea)

And as it is now on one of the large pyramid lanterns (40cm (h) by 17cm (w & d)

You’ll also find it on a glass block…

…and on a mug (& matching coaster)

I can’t quite remember what originally inspired the design, but I suspect that it was just a way to cram in as many colour combinations as possible!
I’ve tried repainting in different colour combinations – but customers and I always find ourselves returning to the original blue/green combination.

If you want to try something different, though – you only have to ask!

Many customers have this hanging in their gardens, or by their fireplaces, or on their windowsills.

It’s an extremely popular gift lantern (men seem to like it!)

– and one has been giving comforting light and colour at funeral services in Halifax for the past few years.....!

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