Led Fairy Lights for your Ornately Lantern

Your item can be seen at its best when lit up by bright sunshine - but this isn't always available, so try the brilliance of led fairy lights or the soft glow of a candle instead
Mains led fairy lights give the brightest effect in an Ornately Lantern - but must be plugged into the mains.


MAINS LIGHTS (£9.00) give the brightest effect, but need to be plugged into the mains at a plug point - and so aren't so suitable if you want to be able to move your lantern around.  I can supply mains fairy lights that are:
- 10M long with 100 LED bulbs
- with clear white cables & white bulbs
- waterproof - can be used both indoors & out (though keep the plug in a dry place).
- with 8 different "twinkle / flash" combinations, including "steady on".
- with a 2 point EU plug, 220-240V. I will include a 3 pin UK plug if sending to a UK buyer - or a 2 pin American plug if sending to a buyer in the USA or Canada

Battery led lights are good for lighting up the smaller lanterns

BATTERY LIGHTS (£6.00) aren't as bright, but are useful if your item won’t be near a power point, or if you want to be able to move your item around.  But I would recommend that you buy two sets of battery lights to light up the larger lanterns.  I can supply battery fairy lights that are:
- 2M long with 20 LED bulbs
- with clear white cables & white bulbs
- NOT waterproof - keep indoors.
- with 2 combinations - "steady on" or "flash"
- NOTE: 3 x AA batteries are required (batteries are NOT provided)