Ornately Lanterns - the 2 Minute Summary


 Today I have to present a 2 minute pitch about Ornately Lanterns as part of a course I am doing.
  • And tomorrow I'm off to the Tewkesbury Medieval Festival.......
So today, I am trying to finish off all the things for the Festival that need to be packed up in the car tomorrow.
  • And attend class & deliver my pitch
  • And write a blog post
  • And clean the house (someone is coming round for a teaching session this morning)
  • And....... (you get my drift......)  Clearly something has got to give here.

So in this blog post I thought you might be interested to read the pitch I've come up with for later this afternoon (typing it out again will help to wedge it in my memory more firmly!)

I’m Clare Smythson, creator & owner of Ornately Lanterns.  I add colour to the sunshine.

So – what makes you happy?  For me, it’s colour, sunshine & warmth.

Thus I hope you’ll love the effect of sunshine streaming through my colourful stained glass candle lanterns – they light up any dull room or garden with radiant jewel-like colours.


I paint any glass that catches the light:

candle lanterns, suncatchers, night lights, lamps…..

and for any home or garden


LOADS of customised designs as well – I paint lots of happy memories for special birthdays, weddings and anniversaries……

And personalised lanterns often lead to greater things….

A 50th birthday lantern request (“anything with King Richard III on it”) has led to the discovery of millions of Ricardians, those people who fervently believe in the King's innocence…..

A new niche of customers!  Tomorrow I’m off to the Tewkesbury Medieval Festival, Richard III merchandise in tow!


And I paint a lot of dead dog memorials as well!  I have 2 on the go at the moment, plus 3 dead cats & a dead horse!

This is an ever-expanding part of my business….  All of us have had a very special pet in our lives at some point.  It’s an important part of grief therapy to have some sort of lasting keepsake to memorialise your pet – and the more personalised the better

I used to sell my lanterns at art shows around the country, but since 2015 have been selling them online.

I never thought that glass would be a successful commodity to ship around the world – but now you can find Ornately lanterns globally, all the way from Alaska to Hawaii to Singapore!

So – why not make your room a happy place to walk into by adding an Ornately lantern at the window?

So this is my 2 minute intro to Ornately Lanterns.

What do you think?  Do let me know in the comments below.  Thanks!

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