And this blog shows the reason that you haven't had many blogs from me this year - I have been BUSY! But fortunately with something very nice indeed…

Lee and I have been together for 17 years and have never felt the need to actually make it official until early 2020 (pre-Covid)… Lee had been unwell and maybe it was this that suddenly brought brought on an unexpected proposal - in the middle of New Year's Eve’s Mission Impossible movie (or maybe it was the inspiration of Tom Cruise!).

No rush for the wedding obviously, so we decided to wait until Saturday 10th September 2022. And planned a very laidback wedding at Horsham Register Office with a reception some 200 yards away at the Park Barn. I’ll let the photos do the explanations for me - but just to tell you the main points:


The dress code was COLOURFUL - and didn't our guests do well?


It's lucky the wedding was “laid back”, as we lost our best man, the ring bearer and one of the witnesses 48 hours before the ceremony. No worries – and due to some confusion we ended up with THREE witnesses on our marriage certificate!
(This was allowed, but is very unusual 😉)

I can strongly recommend Blazing Saddles as a first class band to book for any occasion. Debbie and Tim kept the party going magnificently all afternoon - and all those people who had vowed not to go anywhere near the dance floor all ended up taking part amid gales of laughter!


Many MANY thanks:

to my mother for her first class “Mother-of-the-Bride” speech that kept everyone in stitches



to my friend, Lynn, for her wonderful support and sensational salads

to my sister, Nicky, for her prowess on ladders and also for her sensational salads plus stunning sandwiches

and to all my good friends - just for showing up & throwing themselves into a really fabulous day!


Hair & make up done by me (make up is all Trinny London – WONDERFUL stuff!)

Debut dress was £17.50 from a Horsham charity shop

Lovely hat was £15.00 from an Oxted charity shop – and a perfect match for the dress! (Only found it 3 weeks before the Big Day)

Ancient Irregular Choice shoes

Italian necklace a present from Lee on our first international holiday

And fantabulous silk coat handmade for me by Terry Macey.

So you don't have to blow the budget for your wedding!

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  • Wow! Congratulations! Looks like you had a day to remember
    All my love xxx

    Maureen Lord

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