The Colour BLUE

 No wonder blue is the most popular colour in the world – it’s the colour of trust, calm, serenity & peace..... of the sea and of the sky………

Here is your chance to look deeper into this beautiful colour - and you have a choice!  You can either READ the blog below, or if you prefer, you can LISTEN to it by clicking on the YouTube video below - this option gives you the chance to WATCH the slide show of beautiful blue photos too!
Or why not do BOTH.......?

SO many stunning shades to choose from.....  There surely is a shade just for you amongst them?  And which one is it?
Shades of Blue

A YouGov survey in 2015 showed that most people in the world cite blue as their favourite colour – it’s 8-18 points ahead of any other colour across 4 different continents!  Blue wins even in the Far East, where other colours (red, yellow & green) are traditionally considered to be lucky!

YouGov Poll showing which colours are more popular throughout the world

Blue is still more popular with men than it is with women (40% to 27% in the UK), but even women pick blue as their favourite colour more often than any other colour.

And you’re more likely to prefer blue no matter what your racial profile – or your age – OR your political preference (Tory, Labour, Republican, Democrat…….)

But WHY exactly…….?

Logo for Safe & Reliable HealthcareBlue is RELIABLE and RESPONSIBLE

Seagull against a blue skyIt has an inner security and confidence

3 medical workers wearing blue uniforms Psychologically, people rely on blue to "take control" and "do the right thing" - hence blue uniforms for most policemen, nurses, firefighters, etc

Smart office with big window, painted in midnight blue Many living & work spaces are painted blue, as it stimulates order & direction (as well as reducing stress)

Smart hospital waiting room decorated in blue You'll see it A LOT in hospitals and doctors' surgeries

Carole Middleton at her daughter's wedding to Prince William Pale blue is one of the calmest colours on the spectrum - probably why it is very popular for mothers-of-the-bride!  

Pale blue can cause our bodies to produce chemicals that are calming and exude feelings of tranquillity.....

Metabolism chart low to highIt helps to slow human metabolism

Blue sky filled with fluffy white cloudsIt inspires creativity & freedom - I suppose because it inspires the idea of open skies..... so it's a good colour for us artists!

Smiling girl holding an apple and a pair of scales AND..... it's an appetite suppressant! (Say no more!)

We have various exciting shades of blue available to us:

Moroccan Blue

This fabulous blue building was designed by Masaya Yoshimura for a Tokyo textile & planning company. It uses the Moroccan Blue (or cobalt blue), that we see on so many houses in hot countries. I wish we had more examples of boldly coloured buildings here in the UK (perhaps they don't look quite so good against a grey sky & rain.......?)

Midnight Blue

Feng Shui attributes the energies of deep calm, wisdom and serenity to this rich, deep blue

Powder Blue

The colour of the sky & the sea........ 🏝

This stunning shot is by Tim Walker for Vogue Magazine - appropriate as light blues were very much in fashion last year (whether you noticed or not!).......

Electric Blue

Electric blue is probably not quite the colour you’re expecting it to be.  It was originally named after the ionized air glow produced during electrical discharges (think of lightening or an electric spark), but now we think of it as any particularly intense & vibrant shade of blue.  So “electric blue” can cover a very wide range – check carefully before you buy that hair dye!


Blue can be..... a bit dull, really. It's safe, conservative and predictable.......

It’s a cold colour, so needs to be used carefully to avoid feelings of depression and alienation

It's a colour of inflexibility - you wouldn’t pick it for a radical programme of change

And one of the most venomous animals on the planet is an extremely pretty shade of blue – but don’t be tempted to venture anywhere near the cute little Australian blue ringed octopus as it holds enough poison to kill 20 people within minutes!
I do find blue a little unexciting - but worked in a lovely cobalt blue room in my old house, which I did find very calming......  The work room in my current house has now undergone a powder blue makeover - MUCH better…..

And as I get older I find I'm wearing more blue..... And YOU??

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