Lantern Care

Ornately Lanterns products are designed to be lit up by natural light, ideally sunshine
Ornately Lanterns’ hand painted glass products are great outside exposed to the elements, as they can weather both rain and sun extremely well. 

Do NOT leave lanterns out in the snow & ice
BUT - please bring your purchase indoors during HEAVY rain or snow, as such weather can affect the quality of the paint

If your item gets dirty, it should NOT be soaked or scrubbed in water - & NO dishwashers! Instead please wipe it down gently with a damp cloth.

Use fairy lights to illuminate the lanterns 
Your item can be seen at its best when lit up by bright sunshine, fairy lights or else with a candle.
Most of the lanterns look best with a thick church candle that come halfway up - to the height of the door latch
But the smallest lanterns just need a tealight - nothing larger, please
Be careful!  If you use a candle to light up your lantern - the metal frame will get very hot
PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH if a candle is burning, as the metal of the lantern can get hot.