Customer Gallery

Many thanks to all those who have been kind enough to send me photos showing how their lanterns are enjoying their new homes!

When summer arrives it's time to put your lanterns and sun catchers out into the garden to catch the light

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A beautiful beach themed office in the US.  What a good idea to work in a room where you're surrounded by artworks that inspire you - alas, my office just surrounds me with paint, computers and mess!
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Two views of a Cats in the Forest Four Seasons lantern - it does make SUCH a difference to use fairy lights to light your lantern up!
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 How Christmas looks in the US!
If you look closely you will see an Ornately orchids lantern, which has been opened early and lit up with mains lights to add to the festive sparkle!
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And Christmas in the UK:  if you're lucky enough to own a traditional fireplace, then there's no better place to put your lantern! 
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The cream version of the medium sized Charles Rennie Mackintosh lantern
Purchased online as a birthday gift - and very gladly received, I was pleased to hear!
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A shabby chic Rainbow Cats lantern, purchased by one customer as a birthday gift for another customer!
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Christmas again - and don't forget to get YOUR festive night light down from the attic!
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This is a bespoke glass block night light, painted as a wedding gift to a groom from Scotland's clan Ross

A sunny windowsill with lots of natural light is a perfect place for your little cats lantern


And another way to use your glass blocks - build a new house in France and have a personalised bathroom window painted for it!  Here it is with the light coming through on both sides

If you have a photo of your Ornately Lantern - and would be happy to add it to this gallery, then please email it to me at
Thank you very much!