All About an Everlasting Love of Sunshine and Colour........

Thank you for visiting Ornately Lanterns.

The speciality here is brilliant glass, hand painted in rich, jewel-like colours - and my art is designed to bring colour and sunshine into your home and garden


I'm Clare Smythson - hello!

I find I respond really strongly to sunshine - it wakes me up and keeps me happy!

I LOVE the rich colours of glass paint - so much more vibrant than other paints

And the colours are even more radiant with light streaming through them - hence my love of painting lanterns and suncatchers.

I live in Redhill in the UK with my partner, Lee, and Badger the cat.

I fell in love with glass painting back in 2000

My fabulous mother bought me a "How To....." book when I was recovering from a very serious illness, and was looking for things I could do to pass the time....,,.

And it took off from there..........